Peer and Supervisor Feedback

Those of us who have taken on leadership positions should receive consistent feedback from our peers, our supervisors, and clients/students/consumers that our organization serves.  Recently, I had the opportunity to collect such feedback and it truly stopped me in my tracks -- in an anonymous-response ESCI (emotional social competency inventory) assessment, I got an insight into how my past and present colleagues view me as a leader.  

After what has been a difficult year-plus professionally -- seeing 100% turnover in our small nonprofit staff, including an abrupt departure by our Executive Director, going through an over 10-month span without permanent organizational leadership, and now adapting to new permanent leadership -- reading what these colleagues of mine think about me brought me to tears.  Genuine, happy tears.  I am so thankful for these incredible mentors, coworkers, volunteers, and community leaders who see so much value in me. 

We are always stronger together -- and we build that bridge through mutual respect, shared values, and common goals.  I am honored to be connected to so many colleagues that care so deeply.  Looking at this word cloud generated by what they shared in their qualitative responses makes me feel incredibly humbled and very proud to be seen in this way:

Read on for my past and present colleagues' comments regarding my leadership capacity.

"Strong writer and community builder." 

"Excellent at setting goals, making a plan to achieve those goals, and methodically taking action steps to accomplish those goals."

"A strategic thinker with exceptional organizational and leadership skills." 

"Sees the big picture and works well within and in leading a team." 

"Kind and encouraging to everyone she meets and leads." 


"Engaging and positive in ways that celebrate diversity (of persons and thought)."

"Terrific on follow-up, both to queries and deadline prompts."

"Effective no matter which of her many hats she is wearing."

"Authentically herself."


"Sees every possible problem as an opportunity for growth. This allows her to adapt to situations that may cause others to be negative with a positive outlook." 

"A principled force of good will and determination." 

"One of the hardest working and consistent people I know professionally." 

"Brimming with good ideas and open to others' thoughts."

"Willingness to pivot."

"Directly employs the tools of appreciative inquiry to see value and possibility where others might see an intractable situation."

"Dynamic personality permeates everything she does."

"Articulate in her communications, she is quick in how she processes information."

"Humble down to earth approach that makes her relatable, likable, and trustworthy. In her role of community builder, these attributes are incredibly important in bringing people together and bringing out the best in people." 

"Empathetic and uses her compassion to advocate for others."

"Not only supports but promotes the success of her coworkers and those around her." 

"...has worked through many organizational adversities and structural changes and consistently strived to create a safe space internally and for the greater community."

"Commitment to inclusivity and creating equitable solutions not only improves her performance but encourages others around her to grow personally and professionally." 

"Brings energy and enthusiasm to her work and people respond to that."

"Honest and transparent with those she works, so people trust her. She does not equivocate or beat around the bush."

"Fun personality makes you want to be around her."

"Excellent interpersonal, communications skills and listening skills."

"Knowledge and understanding of social issues make her an empathetic and a creative problem solver." 

" and has a strong ability to interpret, analyze and present information." 

"...demonstrates strength in the areas of inspiring others to grow, navigation of the community organizations as it relates to the people that engage with them, and the ability to collaborate on shared goals for an entire group and work with the collective to accomplish said goals." 

"Compassionate, resourceful, and accessible." 

"Strong communicator and collaborator." 

"An amazing listener."

"Very respectful of others viewpoints." 

"A strong mediator in a group dynamic where group members hold opposing viewpoints."

"Provides a space for all voices in the room."

"Champions projects, producing results and encouraging participation from all parties involved."

"Such passion for people and our community is contagious. We are all better being connected to you."

I am so overwhelmed and appreciative of this generous feedback -- and am always looking for opportunities to improve, to grow, and to evolve as a leader.  The best is yet to come!

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