An October to Remember: GuardiacKids Edition (2022)

When the then-Cleveland Indians carved their way through the 2016 postseason, I had no idea that they would make it all the way to Game 7 of the World Series, but they did.  And I used my daily writing practice to capture what it felt like to be a fan during those games, what happened on the field, and what all of it was doing to my ever-loving soul.   At the end of it, I'd written a short book capturing that experience, something I put into paperback and gifted to my nephews as mementos of that historic run, pitting against each other the two teams with the longest World Series title droughts -- our opponents being the Chicago Cubs.   Spoiler alert (spoiler alert?): Cleveland ultimately lost that Game 7. Two days after that loss, I wrote: People will oversimplify this World Series as yet another time a Cleveland team choked blowing a 3-1 lead and failing to come up with that fourth win.  People talk a little louder and laugh a little more cruelly when they speak with great vagar

The Central Division is Ours

The 2022 Cleveland Guardians are a "rebuilding" team. That's the sort of lingo that Major League Baseball applies to clubs with wimpy payrolls and lackluster veteran players and probably a bunch of bumbling rookies.  The investment in the team feels minimal to fans and frustrating to the managers and coaches whose jobs are on the line if the team doesn't produce revenue or results.  It's part of the ebb and flow of the sport, a fail sport  where players miss more than they connect.  As the late great Ted Williams famously said: “Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer.”  The thing is, no one seems to have told the 2022 Cleveland Guardians they were supposed to finish the season hovering around the .500 mark.  No one seems to have told them that debuting seventeen rookies (Steven Kwan, Oscar Gonzalez, Will Benson, Will Brennan, Gabriel Arias, Nolan Jones, Konnor Pilkington, Cody Morris

The Reality of Speaking Up - As Seen on Survivor: Island of the Idols

I just finished watching Season 39 of   Survivor   -- "Island of the Idols" -- and was stunned by a non-game related storyline that emerged. There was a man named Dan -- white dude, maybe in his 50's, his day job listed as being a "talent agent" -- who from Episode 1 was being depicted as being overly touchy with the women in his tribe.  While some of it looked consensual -- a seemingly welcome back massage, for one -- some of it was vibey and creepy -- like when he laid his head on the upper thigh of another tribemate who was trying to take a midday nap.  "Your leg is comfortable, is this ok?" he said, his eyes already closed, forcing the woman to reply uncertainly, "Yeah, sure," while her confessional shown moments later communicated she was  not  ok with it. Not great. For several episodes, this is glossed over or not really emphasized as heavily as it was in Episode 1, causing me to forget about it at all until the infamous "Merge&qu